Vlad the Vulture from “Horton Hears a Who!”

If there can be a “scene-stealer” in animated films, then Vlad Vladikoff the Vulture is it.

The movie’s been out for a while, and my two kids love watching the DVD, especially my 4-year old.

Voiced by Will Arnett (in a Romanian-type accent), there are some really funny lines by Vlad (and about Vlad).

When we first meet Vlad, the jungle-ruling Kangaroo enlists the vulture to destroy the clover that Horton constantly carries with him. (This scene spooks my son a little bit.)

Vlad excitedly tells the Kangaroo what he will do the clover. “I will crush it, then devour it. Then I will regurgitate it, and devour it second time. Two times devoured.”

He then has a rip-roaring chase with Horton over the clover. He’s quite an over-the-top character. The animators and writers did great work with him.


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