Aliens, Pirates, Robots, etc.

Having two boys, 4 and 8, I get to witness much of their playtime, which often involves pretending. Just this morning, the younger one stood in the middle of the bedroom and wrapped one end of a blanket around himself.

The older one said it was an octopus tentacle and that his little brother was going to be eaten. Funny stuff!

Often, the floor of the bedroom is “water” that can only be crossed by throwing pillows on the floor. The same goes with the outside walkway to the front porch. The walkway is water, and can be crossed by jumping over it, from one side of the walkway to the other.

I could be wrong, but I don’t think that girls pretend in this way.

Over the past couple weeks, the younger one has really been excited by UPS trucks driving along our street. He’s always been fascinated with trash & recycling trucks stopping outside, but now it’s UPS trucks too.

It got me thinking about the various things that really strike a chord in boys’ play and imagination. The list could be endless, so here’s just a few:

Cars & trucks
Digging, in dirt or sand


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