Mehoomash Update

Recently, my son Pierre (who turns 8 in March) came up with the name Mehoomash, based on Shel Silverstein’s poem that reads:

“Knock knock! Who’s there? Me! Me who? That’s right! What’s right? Meehoo! That’s what I want to know!”

When I asked Pierre who Mr. Mehoomash was, he said he didn’t have a family….or a job…but he had a house…somewhere! When I asked him what Mr. Mehoomash did all day, he said: He knocks on people’s doors. And when they answer their doors, he does a dance! We’ll have to find out more later!

In the meantime, I have added the following:

The Mehoomashes are a family of 9 boys and 1 girl.
Mr. Majestic Mehoomash (dad) is the son of the founder of Mehoomash Opportunity Savings & Trust (MOST) of New York City. Perhaps the largest bank in all of Gotham.
Slogan: “You get the MOST at Mehoomash”

Mrs. M. (Matilda) is one of the city’s most renowned socialites and philanthropists.

The kids and ages are:
1. Marlowe, MOST investment banker, 29
2. Matisse, head of Mehoomash Museum of Art, 27
3/4. twins Marco & Magellan, aviator/ballonist; deap-sea explorer, 25
5. Merlin, “Metal Man” performer in Central Park, 23
6. Memphis, Oxford student, 20
7. Montana, snowboarder, 18
8/9. Miles/Max; whizzes at chess and doubles tennis, 16
10. Miracle (that’s what Mrs. M. said when she found out it was a girl), a muralist, 14

Nannies: Millie & Mollie (twins)
Butler: Middleton
Cook: Mee Shim
Cat, Mischief; Dog, Mayhem

When Mr. M. heard from a friend that there was a Chinese cook named Mee Shim who could cook just about ANYthing, he hired him sight unseen, just on his name alone!

What’s curious about them is that the Meehoomashes have not ALL been together at home for dinner…in years! Until, with Thanksgiving approaching, Mrs. Mehoomash is planning a grand affair for her guest: none other than Queen Angoritha of Bruxelbourgia, who is touring the U.S. to learn all about America.

Can they all finally be together at one time?!


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