“Dreamy Pies in the Sky” Picture Book

Many thanks to Argentine artist Adriana Mufarrege for creating this beautiful cover! ©2009

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In an older part of the city — between brownstones and tall apartments — a large flat building glows warmly through its skylight and glass block windows.

The Dreamy Pies Works makes thousands of pies by day and by night.

Pie fillings are made in very large vats using fresh fruits and berries.

The soft dough passes through a set of rollers.

Then ingredients are added and the pies are crimped by machines.

Conveyor belts and wheeled tracks go clickety-clack and load the pies into two giant ovens the size of fire trucks.

Much of the baking is done at night, so people can enjoy the freshest pies in the morning.

Each pie box gets a sticker with a quarter moon and stars: the sign of a genuine Dreamy Pie.

Apple, cherry, lemon meringue, chocolate silk, even peanut butter pies!

People can’t buy pies at the factory, but some are very lucky.



2 responses to ““Dreamy Pies in the Sky” Picture Book

  1. Does the story actually stop before the Pieology? That seems like the “reference” section of the book. It’s a cute story! I wish you luck with it!

    • Thank you! Yes, the story ends before Pieology. I grew up a block away from a similar (bread) factory in the Bronx, NY.
      It was called the Diamond Bakery, and they made rye, pumpernickel, challah, and things like onion rolls. Unfortunately, it shut down, but it was there for years and years. I really miss those smells!

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