An Agent Requested My Story!


Last month, I wrote a kids picture book about a pie factory in the inner city (think Brooklyn or the Bronx). Titled Dreamy Pies in the Sky, the main character is the pie factory itself, and the effects of its sweet aromas on people in the neighborhood.

It was my first picture book project (minus the pictures), and I was fairly satisfied after completing it. I went back and made several revisions to it. I even visited the website of a pie factory in England, which had animated the pie making process for me to view. (couldn’t believe how BIG their pie oven was, eighty feet long!

I researched literary agents and appropriate book publishers, and studied up on how to write a successful query letter. So I began emailing them out last week. After emailing number 25, I got a response the very next day from a well-established agent in Chicago, asking to read my story!

I was quite thrilled to say the least, since I know responses can take weeks or even months. This was a real confidence-booster for me, so I will keep at it, exploring ideas and concepts for picture books, and even a novel for middle graders that I began during the summer.



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